• To restore honor and dignity to the Har Habayit. The Rambam in Hilchot Beit Habechirah, Chapter Seven, Halacha One, states “There is a positive commandment to hold the Temple in awe.” This applies even today (see Halacha  seven). However, today under Jewish sovereignty it is being profaned and disgraced. Funerals are being held there on a regular basis, children play ball there, people walk there while wearing shoes, tourist walk into the most sacred place to the Jewish people as if it were a popular tourist attraction. All these are clear open violations of the Halacha (Jewish law) of giving Honor and Kavod (dignity) to the Har Habayit


 • To restore Tefila to the Har Habayit.   We face the Har Habayit when we Daven (according to Rav Soloveichick ZT”L this is a din Me’doraisa ( Divrei Harav page 310) because it is essential that Tefila expresses its ties to the Har Habayit. However, today under Jewish sovereignty only Moslems are permitted to pray there. The place where the Akeida took place a Jew is prohibited to pray . One may not mention Elokei Avraham, Elokei Yitzchok, Elokei Yaakov on the Temple Mount.


 •  To educate the Jewish people as well as the world that the Temple Mount (Har Habayit) is the most sacred place for the Jewish people, not the present day western wall, which was built by King Herod.


 • To educate the people-both Jews and non-Jews how and where one may ascend the Temple Mount


 • To prevent in the future any deal with the Arabs from receiving sovereignty or control over the Temple Mount. The goal of Arabs is to remove any ties between the Jewish people and the Temple Mount. No doubt there exists many sacred vessels buried under the Temple Mount if G-D forbid they would receive control over the Temple Mount they would no doubt excavate and destroy all existing Klei Kodesh (Holy Vessels) a clear and serious violation of Halacha.


Never in Jewish history did the Jewish nation willingly surrender our most Holy and precious site.




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